Friday, February 7, 2014

TijarIT Business consultancy - About US

What is TijarIT ?
TijarIT is a freelancing Business Consultancy Service, performed by Nasim Al-Tamimi, a Software Engineer with 8 years of experience in Payment Services across the Middle East, Europe, and Worldwide.

What does TijarIT offer?
Business consultancy for small and medium online merchants, with specialization for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.
This includes:
-         All sorts of business advises for getting your business online and sell your products, goods, and/or services.
-         Helping you understand how to manage and insure the money flow from the sales to your account.
-         Helping you understand the risks of your moves in the business, and Helping you avoid those risks.
-         Advisory tips for building bi-lateral trust with your online shoppers, as well as attracting them continuously to your shop.

Who can benefit from TijarIT's services?
TijarIT is mainly oriented for enthusiastic startups in the MENA region. As online business in this region has huge potentials but at the same time a very non-developed-yet online business spectrum, mixed with its own special culture and needs. Starting and continuing a successful and growing online business is a definite challenge for startups, and for startups in particular way more than big corporates which initially have an ongoing business.
Being a startup my self, i totally understand the needs and challenges of my startup colleagues, and benefiting them in constructing their dream online empire is my primary objective.

Does it mean that TijarIT offers its services for free?
No! since the information, advises, and guidance that TijarIT provides is very valuable, especially in such a challenging online environment like ours in the middle east, and in a society that doesn't have enough trust yet in online shopping.
But, TijarIT offers its services at very low costs, at very high standards inspired by the biggest European and international successes.

Can TijarIT develop my shop's website?
No! TijarIT does not, and will not, offer and coding or software development services, loads of good online developers (surely even better than me) are available around. TijarIT is all about Business, empowering your business, putting your business in the right track. Helping you take the right decisions and business moves.

Can TijarIT process my shoppers' online payments?
Well, Also No! But, it can advise you about that! Make you familiar with what are the best options you  have and the best options your can offer for your shoppers. So that you would be happy, and your customer shoppers would be happy too. (Resulting in you being happy again at the end!).


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